About us

Man GO Graphic Solutions

Man GO Graphic Solutions is named after its creator and founder Giuseppe Mango.
The project comes to life and starts in mid 2011, from the need of his creator to use and to share the experience from working in the fashion, music and event field.
Its founder has a strong and bold creativity, jointed by big attention to details,and due to the large experience,can be considered an expert. His degree in Web Design Pro/Ilas Course,has been determined and shaped his project,
Man GO Graphic Solutions, that is now a reality, to create a professional ,answer and an effective solution for its clients in regards to Web, Communication and press.

  • 95%

    Adobe Creative Suite

  • 95%


  • 95%


  • 95%


  • 90%


  • 90%

    After Effect

  • 90%

    Premier Pro

  • 95%

    HTML5 / CSS3

  • 90%


  • 70%

    PHP / MySQL

  • 95%


  • 95%



The competence acquired in the years, are presented here in percentage.

A strong inclination toward graphic design, still life photography, branding and catalogs.

All the projects are accompanied by a continuous research and use of new techniques to create more attractive and effective projects.


services offered


Each project I work on is an opportunity to do some amazing work that connects with the intended audience and brings increased success to the client.
I always follow a strategic approach; identify your brand's strengths and weaknesses, get to know your company culture, research your audience, your competition and the current market.

web design

Man GO Graphic Solutions is able to create and design web sites that meet the most up-to-date standards possible. Layout fully responsive completly adaptable at any type of device tablet, iphone, smartphone.
Continued research, from the latest Web Fonts-to the best Content Management Systems and Online Store applications.


Man GO Graphic Solutions offers shooting and photo retouching.
Still life shhoting for items on line shop advertising.
We are able to offer an excellent result with any type of product, especially in the field of fashion and jewellery.


Man GO Graphic Solutions is able to offer Offset printing plates, digital printing and embossing on many types of media, calendars, bindings, plastic coating any type of means used by companies to promote their products.


If you are in need of some eye-catching design material, whether it be new business cards, promotional material, I have the skills and experience to provide something truly exciting and unique. I design logos, websites, banners, brochures, book covers, apps, and everything in between.

attention to detail

Attention to details is the key to a business's success.The final product must reflect it and should be consistent throughout all your material, whether it be your website, business cards, catalogues and so on.


Man GO Graphic Solutions is able to offer a continuous service in addition to the maintenance of the domain. We develop a customizable through CSS interface that will allow the customer to manage own your website, otherwise we will be able to provide full assistance where necessary.

web app

Man GO Graphic Solutions is able to create and design App iOS and Android.


Man GO Graphic Solutions is able to offer through the major provider, a service for monitoring and analysis on investment needed to index the site.


  • All
  • Website
  • Retouching
  • Photography
  • still life
  • logos
  • catalogs
  • Press
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Mixed
  • La creatività nasce quando la duplice passione per il mondo umanistico e il mondo scientifico si combina in una forte personalità.

    Steve Jobs • CEO, Apple
  • La mente che si apre ad una nuova idea non torna mai alla dimensione precedente.

    Albert Einstein • Fisico
  • Il principale nemico della creatività è il buonsenso..

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    Andrea Pininfarina • Imprenditore
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